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Free download: Butterflies in the Pine Forest meditation


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This meditation helps you to feel joy and transformation. Transform your life with the assistance of coloured butterflies that spiral around your body. Bring joy and sweetness to the whole of mankind as you send the butterflies out into the world with love. The number of butterflies and the colour of the butterflies resonate with your chakra system.

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Earth Healing Meditation Series

All meditations are written and spoken by Helen Joy Buck, with music by Dale Nougher and professionally recorded and mixed by John Bennetts.

These meditation downloads have an Earth Healing focus and are from the book Earth Healing Meditations Guided Imagery for Groups. These meditations are wonderful for your wellbeing and the world's. They are superb for working with Mother Gaia. Excellent for the individual to play at home to experience relaxation. They are also suitable to play at groups, circles and retreats. Designed for sensitive people of all ages.

You may find that children love these meditations too. These guided imagery meditations are suitable for the sensitive, and who are more so than the children. I am sure you will enjoy these beautiful meditation downloads.


For further information about these meditations read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about my meditations.

Buy the complete Earth Healing Meditation Series

The complete series contains all 37 guided meditations plus 15 music tracks from the Earth Healing Meditation Series. A total duration of 15 hours of guided meditation as well as 4.8 hours of relaxation instrumental music. The shortest meditation is 17 minutes in length. The longest meditation is 46 minutes in length. You can use the complete series for meditating at home or with your meditation classes, groups and retreats. Choose from the digital (in three parts) or USB version below.

Individual Earth Healing Meditations

Once you have purchased any of these meditations, you will receive an email with a link to the MP3 file to download. You can purchase more than one at a time, and will then receive multiple links to the downloadable files.

Earth Healing Meditations Guided Imagery for Groups


This book is a great accompaniment to the complete meditation series. It contains the written meditation scripts and instructions on how to safely run your own meditation class. These meditations go together very well when read with the music that is included in the meditation series.

Available from Amazon.


See Books and CDs.

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