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Pampering the pattern workshop

Helen is an accredited IACHI  practitioner and Chiron Healing® teacher.


Pampering the Pattern is being held on Sunday the 21st of August 2022. This one day workshop is being taught by Helen Joy Buck in Goulburn. 

Following your path…

  • Do you need pampering?

  • Do you know others who need pampering?

  • Do you want to ease your spiritual stresses?

You can try something new from the Chiron Healing® Energies.

This workshop is based on how to use Essential Oils through the 'Scent Lines' of the body, which will ease the stresses that we all carry around in our Patterns from our everyday experiences.

To ease the spiritual stress you have A 'Pampering'.

Learn how to

  • Pamper the Hands – this is where we ground the active 'doing' in our lives.

  • Pamper the Feet – this is where we 'Stand our Ground' and progress in life.

  • Pamper the Head. – this is where we 'Think, Plan and put into the Doing'.

  • Pamper the Whole of the Pattern – this is where you carry the strain of your Feelings and Emotions.

During this workshop we will be using Chiron 'Ancientised' Essential Oils Set. 

The oils in this set have been 'Ancientised' by the Chiron Channel, Jan Thomas. This is a process whereby each oil is energetically connected back to its individual 'source' resulting in a pure energy uninfluenced by modern man or technology.

Oils that are produced today are exposed to the current environment, as well as being influenced by modern man and the modern world – i.e. they have evolved over many, many years to suit the modern environment and modern world. This occurs even if the plants are grown organically, and/or in the wild. When Jan “ancientises” the oils, she takes each one back in time and joins it to its original (ancient) plant source, which grew in a pure environment, without all the stresses and pollutants of the modern world, and without the influence of modern man.

Let Helen know if you would like to order a Chiron 'Ancientised' Essential Oil Set.


  • As this is a 'hands on' workshop with oils being used on the hands and the feet etc., please wear your old, comfy clothes – so that you can relax and truly be yourself.

  • Hand towel

  • Pen and Paper

  • Lunch

Your facilitator for this journey is…

Helen Joy Buck

Helen is an accredited Chiron Healing® practitioner and teacher & loves passing on the Chiron Healing® knowledge to others. Helen has a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.


The Floating Lily

132 Lagoon Street
Goulburn NSW 2580



Helen Buck
(02) 48223397
Please call to book your place as soon as possible


Sunday the 21st of August 2022, 8.30am til 5pm.


First timer $250 price includes course manual (Installments welcome)
Refresher $150 excluding manual
A non refundable deposit of $50 is required to secure you place by 31st of July 2022.
Optional, if you would like to purchase a Chiron ‘Ancientised’ Essential Oil Set the price for set is $211.70. Freight incl when you purchase your set with the workshop.

  • Morning and afternoon teas will be provided

  • Please bring lunch to share, pen and notepaper

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