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Reiki is a Japanese word, which means Universal Life Force Energy. It is an energy balancing technique with the objective to improve and maintain good health. This technique uses hands placed on the body in certain positions, while you lay on a treatment table. Reiki is done over the clothing. Reiki is experienced as a soothing and calming inner warmth that spreads through the body, creating relaxation and a sense of peace. Reiki is based on the principle that a balanced energy system leads to a healthy body and mind. It is simple, safe and natural.


Other names given to describe this Universal Life Force or Energy include Chi in Chinese, Prana in Yoga and The Holy Spirit in Christianity. In the later part of the last century Dr. Usui, the principal of a Christian Seminary in Japan, was challenged by some of his students to show how Jesus performed his healing miracles. This started him on a quest which lasted many years and took him to study other religions and languages until finally he discovered the ancient knowledge of how to channel this healing Universal Life Force or Energy.


The word Reiki is now commonly used to refer to Dr Usui's System of Natural Healing by channelling the Universal Life Force or Energy through the hands. It is simple, safe, natural and suitable for adults, children and babies.


How else can I describe Reiki to you? Mmmm … let’s see


Do you remember in the 1984 movie ‘The Karate Kid’? (the orginal)
Daniel, the teenage boy, is taught karate by the martial arts master, Mr Miyagi. Towards the end of the movie Daniel competes in the annual karate tournament, but sprains his leg badly. Mr Miygai performs a ‘mystical act’ on Daniel’s leg and the pain disappears and he is able to go on and win the tournament.
Well … I would describe that ‘mystical act’ as Reiki.


Reiki will benefit you by:

  • reducing your anxiety and stress levels

  • soothing and calming your emotional pains

  • topping up your energy levels

  • providing pain relief

  • helping to prevent burnout

  • creating a deep state of relaxation

  • promoting the feeling of peace within

  • balancing your chakras

  • treating your body, emotions, mind and spirit

  • promoting healing thought your body


Call me on (02) 48223397 to book your Reiki appointment or to find out further information about how Reiki can meet your needs.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 10am & 5pm. By appointment only.

Gift Vouchers are also available.

Distance healing is available with this technique, if you are unable to physically get to The Floating Lily at Goulburn NSW.



"I had Reiki and had a feeling of calm inner peace. Wonderful and relaxing, thank you."
(Peta Skaines - Administration / Management)

"A wonderful antidote to the stresses of everyday living. Leaves you with a 'I can face anything' feeling - totally relaxed! A Reiki treatment is a gift to myself and is part of my 'taking care of me' regime. The body relaxes and recharges, the mind quietens whilst the soul is at peace."
(Sharon Williams, School Principal)


$95 for a 1 hour Reiki session.
$65 for a 1 hour Distance Reiki session.


All alternative therapy healing sessions are now available in person. Distance Reiki and Absentee Chiron Healing® is still available if you would prefer. Linen is changed between each session. Surfaces are being cleaned including doorknobs and light switches. Hand sanitiser is provided for use on arrival. Call The Floating Lily on (02) 48223397 to book your alternative therapy appointments. Thanking you for helping us keep this clinic safe for all of us.

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