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Other meditations are available as downloads only. To see the full range of meditations, head to the Meditations page.



Photograph courtesy of the Goulburn Post.

Earth Healing Meditations Guided Imagery for Groups

Earth Healing Meditations has been designed as a resource for those wanting to hold meditation groups with an Earth healing focus. This book explains step by step instructions on how to set up a meditation group. This includes instructions on how to energetically prepare a clear and protected meditation circle.

Meditation is a truly wonderful way to relax, that has many health benefits for those who meditate regularly. Earth Healing Meditations takes things a little further, with benefits for both the meditator and the Earth. Earth Healing Meditations are wonderful for your wellbeing and the world's. They are superb for working with Mother Gaia. With 40 guided imagery scripts to choose from you are sure to enjoy Earth Healing Meditations.


You may also find this guided imagery meditation book is useful for parents who wish to read to their children and guide them through meditation. Earth healing meditations are suitable for the sensitive, and who are more so than the children.

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About the author

Helen Joy Buck is the author of Earth Healing Meditations. She is an experienced, talented and compassionate spiritual healer that works with Chiron Healing®, Reiki, Thai Foot Reflexology and Sound Healing, which incorporates Tibetan singing bowls. Helen Joy Buck has been particularly concerned about our Earth and the state of the world. Helen felt strongly called to begin writing guided imagery meditations to assist in the healing of the Earth. This book is the result of that strongly felt calling.

Helen has released a range of meditation resources in the form of  CDsDownloads, USB and streamed meditations as part of the Earth Healing Meditation Series. These are available for purchase here on her website.


Book review


"I Highly recommend the meditations of Helen Joy Buck. I bought the book a few years ago and loved the meditations. I later purchased some downloads. I remember the first time I used the spoken meditation in one of my wellbeing groups; there was a profound silence after it. The group found themselves in a very deep place,  as a result of Helen’s beautiful voice and guidance. I now have the flash drive of all the meditations and it is such a wonderful resource that can contribute to the healing of the planet. This week I used two of the meditations with the intention of  sending rain and healing to Australia. Felt as if these meditations born on Australian soil were part of the healing of Australian soil and all sentient beings."    
(Carmel Bracken, UK) 

The Dragon in the Park


This is a story about a huge dragon that lives in the park. This story features the 'Dear Dragon', a wise lady, a phoenix, wise people, blessings, special water, friendships and a celebration surrounding a playground that is built at the park where the ‘Dear Dragon’ lives.

The Dragon in the Park is a children’s picture book and is suitable for children up to primary school age. The Dragon in the Park is classified as juvenile fiction: fantasy & magic. It is filled with light and ancient healing energies to help children with their life, as the little ones need lightness, blessings, positivity and protection. It is especially good to read to children before going to bed.

About the author and illustrator

Helen Joy Buck is a healer and a wise woman who enjoys working with the energies of the land, ancient wisdoms and the forest knowledge. This book is her way of sharing her knowledge with the children.

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Pick up in Goulburn

If you are able to pick up a copy from Goulburn, order directly from Helen at The Floating Lily by calling (02) 4822 3397. Only $20. No postage required.

Book review

"I have just read our signed copy of The Dragon in the Park  and I love it! It swept me through my own journey of adjusting to what life throws at you, making the most out of the resources around you and being at peace with the people who come and go. I feel how much my own home is my own protected space just like the Dear Dragons park and how important my space is to me. 

Helen Joy Buck, protector and healer, has captured her mysterious imagination in this wonderful children’s book and I would be excited to spend time in this park with the children, the dragon and the wise woman, who fills my heart with joy.

5  stars in my book!"
(Suzie Kew, South Australia)


Book readings


Helen is available to do readings of her children’s book The Dragon in the Park. This video is a slideshow of photos taken at the Goulburn library.

Contact  her for more information or to make a booking.

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