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Atmospheric Cleansing Cloud CD

"I have just completed listening and meditating to one of Helen's meditation CD's. Atmospheric Cleansing Cloud CD1. Wow!!!!!!! Helen, your voice is sooooo beautiful, soooo relaxing. I absolutely love the meditations and the music is perfect especially the additional Music track - Astral Cosmos Mix 1......awesome!!!!!!! Thank you so much for providing such amazing journeys with your meditations. Love and Light, Leanne xxx"
( Leanne Williams, Graphic Artist)

Atmospheric Cleansing Cloud CD

  • Description

    This CD includes two meditations and one additional music track. See below for details.

    Written and spoken by Helen Joy Buck
    Music by Dale Nougher
    Recorded and Mixed by John Bennetts

    Total Duration: 71 minutes

  • Atmospheric Cleansing Cloud Meditation (25 mins)

    This meditation focuses on sweeping away pollution from the town, state and country that you live in. Sweeping away the pollution from the whole planet. Drawing it up into a very special cleansing cloud, and into the light.


    Listen to a taster of Atmospheric Cleansing Cloud on the Meditations page

  • Lady of the Lake Meditation (21 mins)

    This meditation helps you to become centred and calm. During this meditation you connect deeply with energy of the Earth, becoming one with the land, the lake, the trees and the Earth. As your tension washes away, you experience calmness and so does the Earth.

    Listen to a taster of Lady of the Lake on the Meditations page


  • Additional Music Track

    Astral Cosmos Mix 1
    Duration: 25 minutes

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