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The Essences of the Ancient Civilizations®

Helen is an accredited IACHI  practitioner and Chiron Healing® teacher.


Level 1 will be held in Goulburn, NSW Australia. Dates TBA.

Level 2 will be held in Goulburn NSW Australia on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of February 2024


Presented by Helen Joy Buck and Margot McNamara.

Have you ever

  • had a time when you felt alone?

  • or a vague feeling of not really belonging?

  • or a remembering… of some-thing… of somewhere… different?

At the Essences of the Ancient Civilizations® seminar, you will gain insight into why.

You will be given the information of not only how to deal with these feelings, but also to uncover and utilize the benefits of those times and situations you are remembering.

You will learn about:

  • The 3 different ages and development of man.

  • The 3 different levels from which today's people take their 'grounding' or roots.

  • The great gifts and lessons you have brought through from these ancient civilizations, and the lessons that are appropriate for us now in modern times.

  • The uses and benefits of each of the Ancient Essences, and how to use them.

These are the channelled essences of bygone civilizations.
They have gained their tools and strengths through time.
“Use them wisely. Use them well.”


The Level 1 course covers the 9 great civilizations, as well as Chironessence, Angelsword and Ancient Angelsword. (Dates TBA.)

  • Dirogenia

  • Egypt

  • Godnx

  • Atlantis

  • The Dragon people

  • Persia

  • The Ladies of the great waters

  • Lyonesse

  • Lemuria

In the level 2 course we discover the gifts of the feeling essences held in the ancient pools and sacred wells. (Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of February 2024).

  • A'Earne – the Water Mystics

  • A'Elgata - the Moors

  • Aotean – from New Zealand

  • Chalybeate – the Lady's Spring

  • Coombi – Brother Gaia

  • Gaian Essence

  • Honora – ancient Japan

  • Mantreya – the lost City of Petra

  • Oteka – the Ottoman empire

  • Ragnell – the Wells of Knowledge

  • Ur – ancient Sumeria

  • W.A.E.F – When All Else Fails essence

The Level 3 course reveals further truth for those who wish to use the knowledge of the past to change the future. 

(Dates to be announced)

  • AESCE – the Way of Being

  • Aerys – the Searcher without

  • Charys – the Seeker within

  • Chlevat – the Binder

  • Devra – Devaic wisdom

  • Diarrhod – the Cleanser

  • Emrrhod – the Builder

  • Herne – the essence of the Sacred Groves

  • Maia – the essence of Beauty

  • Racatan – the essence of Flow

  • Sovereign – Children's energy restorer

  • Wistra – the Elemental energy

  • The Universal essences – Dreaming, Transessence and Dis-Myst

Your facilitators are

Helen Joy Buck and Margot McNamara

Helen and Margot are certified Chiron Healing® practitioners and teachers. In their work as a Chiron Healing® practitioners, they use the Essences of the Ancient Civilizations, essential oils, flower essences, sound and colour.

Helen and Margot have a 'Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment' qualification and are members of IACHI [International Association of Chiron Healing® Inc]

They have a passion for sharing Chiron Healing® knowledge and supporting others on their own journey.

These weekends are open to lay people and professionals alike.
There are no prerequisites!


The Floating Lily. 132 Lagoon Street


Helen Buck
02 48223397


Level 1 will be held in Goulburn, NSW Australia. Dates TBA.

Level 2 will be held in Goulburn, NSW Australia on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of February 2024.


Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-5pm


First timer $375 per level (Installments welcome)
Price includes course manual
Refresher course $220 excluding manual, $265 including manual.

Non refundable deposit of $50 is required to secure your place..

• Morning and afternoon teas will be provided
• Please bring lunch to share, pen and notepaper

Optional extra: If you would like to purchase a set of your own essences to take home with you they can be ordered prior to the workshop. We pay for the freight when you order your set with the workshop.

Boxed set 1 of 12 essences 10ml size is $88.
Boxed set 1 of 12 essences 25ml size is $154.

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