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Meditation group

When: Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Time: 6pm-7pm

Where: 132 Lagoon Street, Goulburn, NSW Australia

Price: $15 per person

Bookings are essential as seating is limited. To secure your place call Helen on 02 48223397.

The guided imagery meditations have an Earth healing focus. The meditation groups and classes are based on my book Earth Healing Meditations guided imagery for groups and the Earth Healing Meditation CD series’. Experience is not necessary to join my Earth Healing Meditation group. You are welcome whether you are a beginner or whether you are more practiced.

Things you might want to know about my meditation groups


  • The style is guided meditation about nature and earth healing

  • Energy clearing and protection is part of the class

  • Essences are used during the class

  • Closing down after meditation is taught

  • I have over 15 years experience in teaching meditation in Goulburn

  • You would be welcome to join us



"Meditation - I am very new at this and have a lot to learn. Helen is very helpful, I am really enjoying it."
(Vicki Bishop, Warehouse Assistant)

"Meditation group is very relaxing and self healing. Best of luck with your CDs and books, Helen!"
(Jenny Condylios, Secretarial)


Photograph courtesy of the Goulburn Post.


"Meditation group for me with Helen is always different and upon leaving I always feel relaxed, destressed and renewed. The meditations help me to unwind and go into myself on a deeper level."
(Chrissy Lambert, Sales Representative)

"I have found meditation very helpful, helping me to over come the loss of my son and sister."
(Mathew Chalker, Correctional Officer)

“I always feel relaxed & at peace after attending one of Helen’s meditation groups. I thoroughly recommend them, good for the soul.”
(Wendy, Receptionist)

All alternative therapy healing sessions are now available in person. Distance Reiki and Absentee Chiron Healing® is still available if you would prefer. Linen is changed between each session. Surfaces are being cleaned including doorknobs and light switches. Hand sanitiser is provided for use on arrival. Call The Floating Lily on (02) 48223397 to book your alternative therapy appointments. You will be asked questions pertaining to your health before booking is accepted. Thanking you for helping us keep this clinic safe for all of us.

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