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Helen Joy Buck will often incorporate the use of vibrational essences, such as, the Australian Bush Flower Essences and the ‘Essences of the Ancient Civilizations’® during client sessions at The Floating Lily.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences will benefit you by

  • bringing you back into balance

  • helping you to cope with the emotional demands of everyday life

  • helping you to manage your emotional health and wellbeing

  • treating health imbalances

  • harmonizing negative feelings and belief patterns

  • healing your emotions

Australian Bush Flower Essences are

  • safe to use with adults, children and even animals.

  • pure and natural

  • easy to use

  • taken by placing seven drops under the tongue morning and night

Ian White is the founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences. He has spent many years travelling extensively throughout Australia researching the healing qualities of the Australian flora, making these essences readily available to us.


Ask Helen to make you a blend of Australian Bush Flower Essences. For more information see

Essences of the Ancient Civilizations®

‘Essences of the Ancient Civilizations’® will benefit you by

  • assisting you to bring your energy pattern into harmony so you can function at your best

  • providing the tools to help you on your inward journey of self development - to find out who you are and what you want

  • supporting you in your outward journey - strengthening your ability to seek your own Truth, and helping you access energies from the past to aid the future

  • helping you to balance your physical, emotional and spiritual levels

‘Essences of the Ancient Civilizations’®

  • can be used with all age groups, including babies and children

  • are applied once or twice a day to the feeling centre - the solar plexus area of the body

‘Essences of the Ancient Civilizations’® are especially useful to help guide the children of the future into the ways of the Ancients, which allows all things to live in harmony and in love.

They are made possible by the gifted Chiron channel Jan Thomas, whose extraordinary abilities enable her to reach back in time and connect with those sacred energies.

Ask Helen to suggest an essence for you from the ‘Essences of the Ancient Civilizations’®. For more information see Chariclo and Cheironia.


Helen is an accredited IACHI  practitioner and Chiron Healing® teacher.


You may also be interested in attending The Essences of the Ancient Civilizations® workshop.

All alternative therapy healing sessions are now available in person. Distance Reiki and Absentee Chiron Healing® is still available if you would prefer. Linen is changed between each session. Surfaces are being cleaned including doorknobs and light switches. Hand sanitiser is provided for use on arrival. Call The Floating Lily on (02) 48223397 to book your alternative therapy appointments. Thanking you for helping us keep this clinic safe for all of us.

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