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Chiron Healing® Level 1

Helen is an accredited IACHI  practitioner and Chiron Healing® teacher.


Chiron Healing® level 1 will be held in Goulburn
Saturday the 15th of July and Sunday the 16th of July 2023

Presented by Helen Joy Buck in Goulburn NSW Australia

Chiron 1 is the grass roots introductory level to the Chiron Healing® method. It will give you a working knowledge of the basics so that you can get started on working on yourself, friends and family. You can continue to extend your depth of knowledge and skills up to Level 4 and beyond with such courses as the Essences of the Ancient Civilizations and Subtle Anatomy & the family pattern, Drugs & Addictions when you're ready and if desired. The Chiron Healing® method works with the geometric structure of the aura known as the master diamond. Within the master diamond are many other diamonds which determine our physical functions, motivation, intuition, and emotions, integrating our male and female energies, connecting to our past, etc. The energy field around our body, our master diamond,stores the required information for our life patterns, just like DNA does for our physical body. Within each of the diamonds that make up the master diamond, are a myriad of energy lines rather like a spider web. Damaged lines can be repaired and blockages removed to allow the energy to flow freely again through the master diamond.The Chiron Healing® method uses colour, sound, aroma, pure essential oils, essences, and pure energies to balance the patterns resulting in improved physical, mental and social well being. Chiron Healing® offers techniques and philosophies to help you on your journey of self discovery, healing and enlightenment.


What you'll learn about

Chiron Healing® Level 1 is open to lay people and professionals alike.

There are no prerequisites!

  • How to clear negative energies and protect yourself with white light.

  • How to connect to your source energy so you don't get tired.

  • The energy anatomy of the master diamond including the chakras, feeling centre, diamonds, triangles, levels and lines.

  • How to remove physical and emotional wedges.

  • How to remove barbs.

  • How to balance your pelvis.

  • How to align your spinal vertebrae within your etheric pattern.

  • How to balance your TMJ/jaw (temporomandibular joint)

  • Unplug drains/cords of energy from your feeling centre (from people and situations).

  • Determine how your name affects the physical structure of your body.

  • How to do absentee healing.


The Floating Lily. 132 Lagoon Street Goulburn NSW Australia.


Helen Buck
(02) 48223397
Please call to book your place as soon as possible


Saturday the 15th of July and Sunday the 16th of July 2023
8.30- 5.30pm


First timer $375 price includes course manual (Instalments welcome)
Price includes course manual
Refresher course $220 excluding manual, $265 including manual.
Non refundable deposit of $50 is required to secure your place when you book in.


"Learned so much, wonderful! All very useful and interesting information."
(Rhonda Williams, Assistant in Nursing)

"Very well explained in detail. Hands on work was great. Felt a lot through the whole weekend. Excited to practice and develop this skill. Thanks Helen and Salli."
(Bette Stanton, Home duties)

"Very comprehensive, great notes, lots of practical experience, quiet stretching, great. "
(John Brennan, Farmer)

"It was very enjoyable to spend some time with Salli and Helen, and to learn from them their wonderful skills and knowledge. Thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm about Chiron Healing® and bringing a warm welcome to all of us."
(Alison Parr, Graphic designer and Eco-shamanism facilitator)

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