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Chiron Healing® Level 1 workshop

Chiron 1 is the grass roots introductory level to the Chiron Healing® method. It will give you a working knowledge of the basics so that you can get started on working on yourself, friends and family.

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The Chrone workshop

In this weekend, we will be learning very different skills to access our own deep knowledge, as well as the knowledge of the Trees, Elements, Gaia, Love and the knowledge of the Feeling Centre its self.


The Essences of the Ancient Civilizations® workshop

Have you ever had a time when you felt alone? Or a vague feeling of not really belonging? Or a remembering… of some-thing… of somewhere… different? At the Essences of the Ancient Civilizations® seminar, you will gain insight into why.


Pampering the pattern workshop

Pampering the pattern uses essential oils through the 'Scent Lines' of the body, which will ease the stresses that we all carry around in our patterns from our everyday experiences.

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The Chrone Too workshop

Come and delve more deeply into the Ancient Wisdoms, and find out how they can be used in today’s world, and experience first hand the Ancient energies as never before. The Energies of the Land, and the Forest knowledge.


Meditation group

Experience is not necessary to join my Earth Healing Meditation group. You are welcome whether you are a beginner or whether you are more practiced.

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