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Imagine a warm, deep glow of relaxation filling your entire being.


Imagine ancient skills from

  • the famous Wat Po Temple

  • ancient Greece

  • ancient civilizations

  • the knowledge and skills of the 'Summer Country' and the ancient forest right here in Goulburn.

Imagine a spring in your step and new flexibility bringing confidence and wellbeing.

Imagine feeling alive and vital.

The Floating Lily. Where natural therapies bring your body to life.

Choose from one of the following healings.


All alternative therapy healing sessions are now available in person. Distance Reiki and Absentee Chiron Healing® is still available if you would prefer. Linen is changed between each session. Surfaces are being cleaned including doorknobs and light switches. Hand sanitiser is provided for use on arrival. Call The Floating Lily on (02) 48223397 to book your alternative therapy appointments. You will be asked questions pertaining to your health before booking is accepted. Thanking you for helping us keep this clinic safe for all of us.

The healing room

The healing rooms at The Floating Lily are clean, quiet and tastefully decorated. Helen prides herself in the fact that her rooms are also energetically cleared and protected frequently. This helps to create the perfect healing environment for Reiki, Thai Foot Reflexology, Chiron Healing®, Pampering the pattern, The Leaf Blessing, Essences, Sound Healing and Meditation classes.

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