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Kindness Showered Down Upon You CD


Kindness Showered Down Upon You CD

  • Description

    This CD includes two meditations and one additional music track. See below for details.

    Written and spoken by Helen Joy Buck
    Music by Dale Nougher
    Recorded and Mixed by John Bennetts

    Total Duration: 66 minutes

  • Kindness Showered Down Upon You (21 minutes)

    This meditation helps you to experience love and kindness, so that others can experience it too. Spread love and kindness around the world with the assistance of an angelic being, a guardian of the planet.


    Listen to a taster of Kindness Showered Down Upon You on the Meditations page

  • Healing Balloons (24 minutes)

    During this meditation you sit under a magnificent tree, surrounded by rainbow colours. A gathering of spiritual beings stand before you. Each of them holds a colourful healing balloon. You discuss the healing properties that the balloon holds. The balloons are then delivered where they are needed.

    Listen to a taster of Healing Balloons on the Meditations page

  • Additional Music Track

    Aqua Blue
    Duration: 21 minutes

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