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Let the Light In CD

"I ADORE your CD! I don't know which part the most, all I guess, I get so relaxed listening to it. I love the way you don't just say God, but you add Goddess, Buddha etc for all of us who call the White Light by different names and I love the chamomile [necklace] around my neck! I guess my favorite is the garden one [Aromas of the Garden - meditation 2 on Let the Light In] , as in my own personal meditation I always go through my garden to greet my mother and then I go to my lake side to sit and meditate. You've now added different flowers to my garden and their smells! The music is wonderful, who did that? At first when I sat on the mountain top [in the meditation Let the Light In] I was scared as I fear heights, but then I wasn't, it was great to look below. :) What can I say, I could rave on and on. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can SO HIGHLY recommend it to everybody. Every time I listen to it I get more out of it and my meditation is better. The perfumed garden one [Aromas of the Garden] I especially love because you have added the music to the rest of the cd and I can keep on meditating".
( Heli Jackson, Retired)

Let the Light In CD

  • Description

    This CD includes two meditations and one additional music track. See below for details.

    Written and spoken by Helen Joy Buck
    Music by Dale Nougher
    Recorded and Mixed by John Bennetts

    Total Duration: 59 minutes

  • Let the Light in (18 minutes)

    During this meditation you rest on a sandstone cliff top, comfortable and safe. You look out at the early morning sun, and its sparking light rays, and let the light into your body and life. This meditation encourages you and the rest of mankind to let the light in.


    Listen to a taster of Let the Light in on the Meditations page


  • Aromas of the Garden (23 minutes)

    During this meditation you walk through a beautiful garden. Experience the healing qualities of the plants with your senses. You discover a bubbling natural spring that is filled with the properties of a healing plant. You bath in the water and heal, and then walk back through the garden feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

    Listen to a taster of Aromas of the Garden on the Meditations page 


  • Additional Music Track

    Birds in the Valley
    Duration: 18 minutes

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