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Incredibly visual meditation experience with the Earth Healing Meditation “The Dandelion”

Updated: Feb 9

There was so much fairy and deva energy it was increadable. Green grass, we were given four leaf clovers. There were fairies, lots of them. All the fairies had four leaf clovers, they were using them like umberellas and were floating in the air. There were butterflies and fairies. Some of the fairies had paintbrushes and were painting rainbow colours in the air. There were daisy flowers in the colours of white, pink, purple and yellow. There were also snapdragons, dwarf and tall ones. There were yellow dandelions and ones that had gone to seed. The fairies were holding onto each seed and flying in the air and the breeze. There were bubbles floating in the air with fairies inside them. The bubbles were floating and spinning in the air. There were three fairy children wearing daisy chain necklaces and fairy crowns. There was one green tree frog with a fairy on its back. Then I skipped and leaped back to the green grassy clover, I was wearing my light pink tutu that I had as a child. I spun around with my hands up in the air like a ballerina. Then I was back in my seat. Back in my physical body. The fairy energy was still there. The queen of the fairies was standing in front of me with a danelion seed flower. She blessed me by tapping me on the head and both shoulders with it. I had this meditation experience on the 15/11/2023 at our Wednesday night meditation group.



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