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Incredibly visual meditation experience where the Goddess and God Neptune came through the Earth Healing Meditation “Cleansing with the Sea”

During this meditation the Goddess was with me and together we were blessing a real life invention that I had seen on a good news story. I can’t remember its name, but it’s an ocean clean up gadget that floats on the ocean and collects rubbish and debris, junk and plastics that’s then removed from the ocean. It was invented by a young man and his team. The Goddess and I were blessing the invention, the inventor and his team. Neptune the God of the sea was there too, along with healers. We were circled around the ocean clean up gadget, while blessing, supporting the project, inventor and team. Then the Angelic helpers joined us, providing light and healing over the top like a dome of light. What took place during the meditation was that the ocean clean up project, inventor and his team were blessed and supported. Healing of the ocean took place too. We were all enjoying the experience with the ocean waves and dolphins, we were having fun. Then I was back in my chair with the Goddess on my left side and Neptune on the right side of my chair. They joined hands out the front of me and they did some healing repair work to my aura/etheric pattern. Then I had a huge shell in my lap that looked like a giant clam with a big pearl. I thanked the Goddess, Neptune the God of the sea and the ocean clean up project, their team and the sea. Before opening my eyes as I came out of the meditation. I had this meditation experience on the 19/8/2020 at our Wednesday night Earth Healing Meditation Group.

The meditation “Cleansing with the Sea” can be purchased from my website.



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