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Incredibly visual meditation experience where Archangel Micheal and Quan Yin appeared to me during the Earth Healing Meditation “Kindness Showered Down Upon Me”

During this meditation where it says about an angelic being standing before you, I had Archangel Micheal appear to me in the meditation. There was so much white light in the meditation and it just kept getting bigger and bigger. The white light was bigger than my room. Then the white light was bigger than Goulburn where I live. Then the white light was bigger than Australia. Then the white light was bigger than the ocean and the world with other angels appearing around the world during my meditation. When Archangel Micheal was communicating with me, it was about helping me to be at ease with the present and healing and soothing my own wounds with relationships. Then the light and helpers around the world increased. At the very end of my meditation Quan Yin (compassion) also appeared to me, before I opened my eyes and came out of the meditation state. I had this meditation experience on the 23/9/2020 at our Wednesday night Earth Healing Meditation Group.

The meditation “Kindness Showered Down Upon You” can be purchased on my website.



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